Wear Weights The Right Way

Planning to wear some weights on your body to improve your overall fitness? Want to try out the weighted vests and weighted clothing but are not sure as to where to start? Here is a complete guide to wearing weight on your body.

Different Options

When it comes to weighted clothing, there is more than just a single option. Some of them are:

Weighted Vests

These are vests that are heavier than the regular ones. One can choose from different weights as per their need. These vests also come with tiny pockets in them where you can add small weights as your fitness level improves. Some of these vests even come with weight pouches that are filled with hydrogel, which can be chilled or even heated for soothing your muscles.

These vests can be worn inside your clothes or even on top if you are home or at the gym. As they can be worn underneath regular clothes (though they may make you look bulkier) you never have to worry about not having the time or place to work out. Your body is constantly working out without you exercising specifically.

Weighted Gloves

If you are a boxer or learning to box, these weighted gloves can make a big difference to your performance. Martial arts that involve boxing movements can be done with these gloves. It will make your hands work harder and build up the strength and speed of your punches. When it is time for a tournament or a match, you will see the difference in the way your punches travel faster and land harder.

Weighted Shirts

If you are not too keen on wearing the weighted vests, you can try this weighted shirt which is like a two in one. It combines the weighted vest and the compression shirt into a single unit. The weights are placed in such a way that your joints are not strained by wearing this shirt most of the time. The material also helps fight off sweat and body odor, thus giving no excuses to take off the shirt.

There are much more options like these, for those who are looking to add some weights to their regular routine, in order to improve overall fitness levels.