Top 5 Health Benefits Of A Massage

A comforting massage after a hectic work schedule is a blissful experience. It does not matter if you are a stay at home mom, a sportsperson or an overstressed businessman, the magic of a good massage works well on everyone.

A growing majority of people are turning to massage therapies to relieve them from various lifestyle ailments as it non invasive and drug free. But it is important to verify the credentials of the masseur before opting for any massage services.

The therapeutic benefits of a massage are as follows:

  • Helps to correct body posture

With endless hours spent sitting in front of the laptop, it is no wonder that several desk workers complain of pain in their neck and shoulders.

A good massage therapist can help to relive the stress and strengthen your lower back. Remedial massages that focus on correcting the posture alignment will improve the blood circulation and alleviate the pain.

  • Reduces stress

Reducing mental as well as physical stress is among the top reasons why people opt for massage therapies. A soothing massage session stimulates the release of the “happy hormone” called endorphins which helps one to feel good and relaxed.

  • Helps fight anxiety and depression

As massages are known to reduce stress levels, it is beneficial for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

A friendly, professional and safe human touch can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic.

  • Skin benefits

A healthy and improved skin tone is one of the many benefits one can obtain from regular massages.

As massages reduce skin tension, it aids in blood circulation which in turn boosts rejuvenation of skin cells. Massages help to increase sebum production which helps to soften the skin and improve its suppleness.

  • Builds immunity

According to many researches, it has been found that people who opt for regular massages have an increased white blood cell count. As WBC is the body’s primary defense system against diseases, massages undoubtedly helps to strengthen the immunity system.