A Guide To Choosing The Best BCAA For You

So, you have decided to supplement your routine diet and exercises with BCAA. You do a quick search for the best BCAAs in the market. You are sure to get a long list of products from various brands. How do you pick the best one from these brands of BCAA powders? For this, you should first be clear about your objective in taking BCAA supplements. Here are few more factors that should help you make a decision:

  • What are your fitness goals? This is the fits question to answer while buying any supplement, not just the BCAAs. Are you a body builder? Are you on a weight loss program? Are you simply working out to stay fit? There are different types of BCAAs that can be taken to supplement each of these fitness routines.
  • Are you ready to sacrifice on the taste? To reap the full benefits of a BCAA supplement, you should ideally go for an all-natural one, something that doesn’t contain any added flavors like caffeine and sugars. For hardcore fitness regimes, these are the ones that show results. If you are simply taking BCAAs to supplement your daily protein intake and not for any other fitness goals, then you can go for flavored ones but these are not the healthiest options.
  • Do you have any specific any energy requirements to be met? There are BCAAs that come as zero-carb versions and those that come with small proportions of carbohydrates. This would depend on the daily energy requirements.

This should help you choose the BCAA that would suit your goals. But remember that BCAAs too should be taken in the right dosages to see the results promised. If you have any inherent allergies and if you are worried about any of the ingredients being allergens, always have a word with your physician before taking a supplement.